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Format of Sip & Shine Podcast

A retro inspired cocktail podcast party of intriguing tales of histories, scandals, pop culture and hot mess struggles. We are all Alices on this show going down the rabbit hole- history lite, unscholarly, silly and sometimes serious. Always a good time. Our format is "guest co-hosts" because this is a conversational podcast.   Sometimes Carrie talks more, sometimes the "guest" does; but it is two friends or more getting to know each other (whether the "guest co-host" wants to be friends or not). But guest or not,  we are talking about our favorite cult, mystery, history event, disease. Drinking games are acceptable too- because by then the wine kicks in (or the tequila on a rough day). Sober is acceptable too just like Family Game Night. Remember, we are in the judgement free zone and as well as scholar free zone- laughs are welcome as well as deep dark secrets and shots.

Sip. Sparkle. Shine.


About the host

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Military member (shh...don't tell), self-admitted organized Hot Mess and a proud work in progress. She is a mom, a single woman and independent (sounds like a Beyoncé song). She can bring home the bacon, fry it in a pan and never let you forget you are a man. Now, it's going corny. She enjoys the Ohio Marching Band YouTube videos (without the football), history and has a lifelong list of experiences she can't wait to do. And if it is something that will go wrong, weird or crazy- it probably has already happened to her.


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