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What happens when two Moms get together....

Only hilarity, inspiration and a whole lot of relatability. Jodie from Realitv Podcast and Carrie from Sip & Shine Podcast team up to bring you a duet of two mothers discussing parenting, marriage (one is married), dating post divorce (guess who is free birdin' with a safety helmet on- take it from me she needs help dating) and just about everything that impacts today's modern woman. Weight issues? Don't know what you want to be when you grow up...and you are 30-ish? Navigating friendships? Reinventing yourself for the tenth time? We got you girl. So pour a glass- apple juice, wine, whiskey- we are not judging. Watch out for the Moms on the Rocks...

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Episode 1

From the underwear we wear to the celebrities who dare..we're looking at you Don Jr & Brandi Glanville. We wax on the good ole days of Tori & Dean, Loveline with Dr. Drew, and somehow manage to bring up having "the talk" with kids. Carrie gets extra practice as she teaches Jodie about "self-love" (sorry about the screams!), strippers and coaxes some embarrassing secrets out of her.

Moms On the Rocks

Episode 3

This week Jodie is in Disney- so we are giving a big disclaimer on this episode; the audio quality is a little rough around the edges- you know just like parenting can be and when mom has to help with projects for school.

Moms On the Rocks

Episode 4

We talk about Jodie's trip to Disney and the hot dads. We also talk about Carrie's trip to Charleston and Carrie's friend who came out to her, and how she felt cheated on the dating stories.

Moms On the Rocks

Episode 6

On this episode we talk about career problems- overlooked for promotions? Trying to restart your career? Jodie's feelings on Reese Witherspoon: is she trying to hard? Carrie's feelings on Jennifer Garner- where is her wardrobe from?

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Episode 8

On this episode, we are talking about a mom stress of balancing work with the kids' being off for the summer. We are also talking about Jodie's mom traveling and a possible reboot of Golden Girls. Then lastly, we are talking about hte movie Tag and a possible spin-off within the Facebook Group.

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Episode 10

Carrie and Jodie say cheers to the ups and downs of marriage, divorce and dating this week. As carrie experiences a new dynamic of her role as "an ex" she shares her feelings about what it's like when your ex starts dating. This leads Jodie to ask about astrology, dreams and whether there's something to energy healings and crystals. Perhaps they're all needed to keep the Facebook requests from Missed Connections on the metro and 90 Day Fiance hopefuls? With lots of laughs, some wine and vodka included, there's a seat saved for you to be a fellow Mom on the Rocks!

Moms On The Rocks

Episode 12

We are all about judging people on reality TV this week! Carrie got caught up on Married At Frist Sight, so we spill all our feelings about the current season AND Molly and Jon from last season. All the talk about Jon causes Jodie to dream about of the incredible wine bar Carrie went to which resulted in 2 hours searching for one near Chicago. Lastly, we talk about Real Housewives of New York City with a little game Carrie invented to put Jodie on the spot.

Moms on the Rocks

Episode 15

Welcome back to Moms on the Rocks. Carrie tells us how she’s been feeling a bit shipwrecked on the rocks with her son’s recent relapse. Raising teenagers and young adults can be a battlefield, much like Pat Benetar tried to warn us. We also talk about 23 and Me DNA tests and deep dives into Reedit stories of paranormal encounters. If that doesn’t get you creeped out, Jodie and Carrie disagree on which word is more gross. Are you #TeamJodie or @TeamCarrie? Either way, you may want to want who is using your razor and clippers. Trust us….

Sip and Shine Podcast

Episode 16

Get ready for a wild ride on the Tangent Express! Carrie is looking for a romantic couples getaway for Columbus Day weekend, so Jodie suggests an Ayahuasca retreat. Is Ayahuasca for lovers? We ponder this question which leads to murder cases & a snack break of Fruit Gushers for Carrie. The Jessica Chambers case and jury prejudice get us thinking about Elizabeth Smart’s captor being released from prison. But wait, there’s more! Jodie knew Les Moonves was a Grade A creep just from looking at him, which is why she is on the hunt for tracking devices for her kids. Lastly, Jodie risks ruffling some feathers with her thoughts on Heather McDonald’s hypocritical opinion on other women feeling violated by men. Can you really compare your own #MeToo as more significant to others?

Moms On The Rocks

Episode 20

Jodie talks about her uncle being involved in a fire in the 1950s of a school- that is now said to be haunted as well as a playful ghost in New Orleans named Armand. Carrie talks about her recent brush with Border Wars and Narcos. She also talks about the #2 Tripadvisor suggestion in Cincinnati- a cemetery.

Episode 2

This week talk about picky kid eaters- do their pallets ever grow up. We talk about how Jodie fell for Mr. Realitv over apps at Chili's and the colonel was Hillary Clinton's Prince Charming. Yes, for real. We also discuss nose jobs on Southern Charm, Carrie talks too much, drive-by dating and we talk about crushing on Joe Biden. You know regular old girl talk.

Moms On the Rocks

Episode 5

Carrie tells us about a crazy fight a woman picked with her and her son in a Red Lobster. Don't tap the Mama Bear! Jodie goes in-depth on her experience as a gestational surrogate for gay couples, as the lawsuit involving Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out and the Surrogate who gave birth to his daughter heats up on social media. Because this is MOTR, there's also some laughs to be had...at the expense of Carrie's nipples of course. Be sure to stick around to see what popular song Carrie has been singing incorrectly for 30 years. Come on Irene!

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Episode 7

Conversation about indoor camping leads into the guilt we feel when the kids want to cuddle, but we just want them to go the f*ck to sleep, which leads to our fantasies of adult sleepovers. Carrie continues to wonder if she's more compatible with Jodie's husband, so we propose a wife swap of sorts. And then..prepare yourselves because dive into the truths that no one bothered to tell us about labor, delivery and the aftermath that awaits you when you get home. All eyes on you Mr. Peri Bottle!

Moms On The Rocks

Episode 9

An epic episode! Carrie spills her thoughts on cemeteries and Katherine Heigl, which leads to her connection to Jon & Kate Plus 8. Naturally. Just to scare the crap out of Jodie, Carrie shares a story from her post-divorce dating days and her wild night out at Coyote Ugly. All this pearl clutching and secret-spilling inspires Jodie to share her unfortunate crush on a disgraced politician. Sshhhh! And if you love Sister Wives and 90 Day Fiance, this is your lucky day! Carrie holds Jodie's feet to the flames about her siding with Pedro against Chantal and Family Chantall all the time. Lastly, a dance battle commences so you better get ready for some rumpshakers in the 'burbs.

Moms On the Rocks

Episode 11

We talk wedding dresses, first dance songs, and the Lifetime show Married at First Sight. With all the talk of music, Jodie shares her theory of everyone remembering where they were when they heard "Hit Me Baby, One More Time" for the first time. See? You're thinking about it! Also, one of us shares a secret talent that could be an Olympic event, and another has an Escape Room mishap with a Mossimo jacket.


Episode 13

Carrie and Jodie are back this week talking about what it’s like dealing with their babies who were, well, “high maintenance.” This leads to Carrie asking about postpartum depression and the need to normalize the discussion about it, while Jodie imparts her advice for all new moms out there.

For moms of middle-schoolers and teens, listen up! Carrie shows she has street cred with her knowledge of the common over-the-counter (OTC) drugs that kids are abusing. Does saying “street cred” negate having street cred? Well, at least there will be time to learn new lingo as talk of prison documentaries and locked up abroad leads Jodie & Carrie to plan their next vacation!

Moms On The Rocks

Episode 14

We’re alive! We’re back! Apologies for being stuck in the mom zone, work chaos and back-to-school shenanigans. This is 1 of 3 episodes coming up that we have recorded, so get ready for the same chattiness and giggles you’re used to! In this episode, Carrie shares a fight her son and (kinda) step son had that took place in her front yard. THis reminds Jodie of a classic fight her older sisters had that gets reignited every family holiday. We all have those, right?

Moms On The Rocks

Episode 17

It’s been a rough week, hasn’t it? With some drinks in our system, we tackle the testimony in the hearings of Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. We think we discussed the politics of the hearings in a respectful way, focusing on our feelings about society in general. Conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, we’re talking about human rights. But no worries, you know we wouldn’t be ALL serious. Jodie sketches out her plan to sneak a new puppy in the house, and Carrie tells her the truth about Woman’s Best Friend.


Episode 18

What’s a week with Carrie & Jodie without some serious stuff mixed with embarrassing secrets? Carrie leads off with a history lesson on interracial marriage laws and senior citizen laws, which leads to Jodie’s observation about couples who…wait for it…hold hands! Throw in a dash of military fashion, roller-skating parties, Halloween costumes and Carri’s most shocking confession yet. Things will never be the same.


Episode 19

We’re gearing up for Halloween, but first some catching up! Jodie is new to the world of letting her kids sleepover, so Carrie fills her in on their house rules. Controversy may arise as we talk about our feelings on Harry Potter, but just you wait to see who stops by! Is it Michael J. Fox? Doc? Just another day in the life of having your day f@cked up when your partner DARES to enter your space. We know you get it!

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