My Favorite Color is October

Ear Candy

These are what we are listening to- from the Indies to up-and-coming: finding good podcasts can be overwhelming like trying to date. You only have limited time- what if you lost out on a good one while entertaining the bad ones. Consider us like your gateway to other podcasts that are good- only we don't pay for your date and you don't have to call us in the morning. It is like no-strings-attached and you get all the benefits.

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WELCOME TO REALITV PODCAST. A sarcastic and comedic commentary on all the shows we love and hate. From 90 Day Fiancé to Bravo, TLC to MTV, we aim to laugh and cringe in solidarity! Example Episode: Episode 5. 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days, 90 Days Fiancé What Now? and Little People Big World Mommy Wars. On this episode, we meander down the Amazon to meet back up with Paul and circle the globe with Cortney. Don't worry, Cortney is not that type of girl! Larry continues to break my heart #goddamnitlarry and stumble as always. I also have a hot Aldi tip for ya! We see what the Season 2 couples are up to and spill the tea on the most unassuming and demure couple. You can't miss this! Also, we send our finest mommy wishes to the woman who ALWAYS gives us more material to roll our eyes at. 


SHOT OF HISTORY. This is a history podcast that gives you quick, potent shots of history that go down smooth. They are not a not like other history podcasts. You won't hear a high brow historical lecture from a PhD. What you will hear is an entertaining podcast about history for the Average Joe backed up by primary sources and the highest quality of scholarly research. Basically, they gather the facts and events that historians love reading about, Shot of History distill them for consumption by the masses and serve them up in a quick, potent "shot" with a chaser of dark humor. Sample Episodes: Boudica, WASPs, Punic Wars. 

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THE DIRTY BITS PODCAST. History can be hilarious and is ever-changing. There are new discoveries all the time that continuously give fresh and interesting commentary. Learning the personal and intimate details about historical figures gives a deeper understanding of the motivation behind their actions that helped shape society for generations, and gives humanity what can sometimes seem like unrelatable historic figures. It's also entertaining as hell to imagine people typically portrayed in a stately manner doing the equivalent of drunkenly calling out their friends on twitter...I'm looking at you, John Wilmot. Learn how Warren G Hardening nicknamed his genitals, or how Anthony Comstock had an enormous influence on The United States' puritanical views on sex! Each week, join Tawny Platis for her casual re-tellings of the sexy, scandalous, and salacious stories you history teacher likely left out while her husband, George, takes care of all the tech stuff and occasionally weighs in with the proper use of a naughty word.

Eye Candy

hunt for the wilder people.jpg

We already posted our favorite Not So Scary Halloween movies and shows; but we found a great movie that parents won't roll their eyes and have to drink up the wine to enjoy. In The Hunt for the Wilder People, Ricky was raised on hip-hop and foster care making him a defiant city youth who gets a fresh start in the New Zealand countryside. He quickly finds himself at home with his new foster family: the loving Aunt Bella, the cantankerous Uncle Hec, and dog Tupac. When a tragedy strikes that threatens to ship Ricky to another home, both he and Hec go on the run in the bush. As a national manhunt ensues, the newly branded outlaws must face their options; go out In a blaze of glory or overcome their differences and survive as a family.

Pinterest Crushes

Let's face it, I don't know how to say Pinterest and I certainly am challenged on how to use it; let alone to carry it out. But every month, I get totally intrigued on different ideas. This month, I am totally in love with the Hot Cocoa Bars- of people who take better pictures than me and have more patience than me do it. 

root chakra

Going Tribal

Since the Fall is about the foliage, I have been working my Root Chakra. This chakra is associated a lot with the color red. It can make me feel off balance, low energy and anxious. So been collecting my crystals (don't judge, they are pretty at the least) with garnet, ruby and jasper. For aromatherapy, been hitting up the patchouli, rosewood and thyme. Some positive affirmations to repeat- "I am safe. I am secure. I am at peace with my surroundings, with the people and events that occur." Really what do you have to lose to chant a little. Of course, red foods are associated with this- but does red wine count? Probably not.

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