When You See Your Boy Band of Your Youth

So the boyband that shaped my formative years and awakened my interest in boys- a somewhat love/hate relationship with crushes and subsequent disappointment as an adult woman- came into town and played at our local arena. What constitutes an arena? I am not sure- but it was big and had a lot of screaming women reliving their early teen years alongside of me).

New Kids on the Block were in town- it was bigger than most high school reunions on the East Coast. Most women wore black to the big night- not only because it was the style in the late 90s, early 2000s when most of these ladies were hitting the college bars- but it also conveniently covers the extra pounds from the kids we had 6 years ago and the stress we gained from same said kids. Some women, won't name who, also refused to admit that they were there to see the New Kids- and stated they were there to see Boys 2 Men or Paula Abdul. Come on now- we aren't in 8th grade where we had to hide their posters and snub them when Nirvana hit the airways. There is no judgment here. I even saw one chick wearing a Metallica shirt- I wanted to say b*tch who you foolin' you know what or who you are here for!

The world wasn’t ready for some 40 something men gyrating and causing girls to still swoon with glee.

I think I peed a little from jumping up and down- and not from excitement but actual Mommy Bladder. These were guys were better now then when they were fighting off acne and prepubescent groupies. Maybe these groupies, or MILFs now, broke them in or their later downfall when the grunge scene became popular ruined their heartthrob status- inspired them to put on a good show. And did you know their album Face the Music- had Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga and Akon on it. Never heard it. I guess they faced the fans weren't ready. The world wasn't ready for some 40 something men gyrating and causing girls to still swoon with glee- bringing teen daughters to shows to pass on the love and revisit days of ole when life was simple and innocent. I still call dibs on Jordan- I think I may be too old for his baby- but that is okay. On the bright side- he is definitely too old and not my daughter's type so don't think I have much competition for his hand.

On another note- while waiting for the band to start- I signed up for Stash. It is said with the $5 contributions I am making and picking funds- that I feel like such a big girl. I have "investments" now. I guess some things never change. 


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