Dear Jody: Nice to Meet You

Dear Jody.

I didn't know you in life. I just saw some pictures of your sun kissed skin and your big smile- the 80s hair apparent- I wonder if you liked Saved by the Bell. Did you like Zach or Slater? I still don't care for Mario Lopez- I think I am the only one. He does a lot of entertainment shows now. And Zach is still hot. The year you were killed- I was still in high school. I would have looked up to you- you had a cell phone when I had a beeper. You look like the girl I dreamed to be- pretty, going to college and you had a boyfriend. I was shy and anxious. I heard you were anxious too. I thought from the outside you had it together- so I can guess it can happen to anyone. You also had a sister. I always wanted a twin sister. My little sister was seven years younger and annoying. Hey this is awkward for me to introduce myself to you- how am I doing?

So How Did I hear about you?  

Why am I writing? Because six weeks ago, I stumbled on a podcast talking about a case in Baltimore on an unsolved murder. I thought it was odd that so much evidence was present in this case and yet, no one was caught. I hear all these Serial Podcasts and Netflix series based on just one case. I thought it was odd that I hadn't seen you yet on ID Channel. Yes, I am the unofficial expert on ID Channel. We didn't have that in 1992- I am telling you, you would be hooked. It is like doom and gloom crack. It has made me more situationally aware but also scared of parking garages and darkly lit streets. So I heard your case on this podcast and I thought, wow, I have this website and podcast based in the D.C. region. I am not a true crime podcast- but I have a magazine type forum that I could help local cases. 

It seems a lot of cases featured on television shows and podcasts are in the Midwest and Florida. I don't think it is because serial killers are grown in cornfields (I claim the copyright on that film- thank you very much). Maybe this can be my charitable contribution to the area. Filing this thought away in my head, I made a plan that the first case I came across on social media I would reach out. 

Nervous, not wanting to offend a family, I hoped I wouldn't be rebuffed. This thought of expanding to true crime led to other ideas of features- which tripped onto developing an app. We began to develop an app- so thank you Jody; you helped us grow our concept without your realization. Out of a death, something began to grow. An idea, a thought, an inspiration.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I was on Twitter. I came across a Twitter account that was looking for justice for a sibling in Maryland. Jackpot! Local and someone that seemed open to talk to me! I so should had a series of books about me- Nancy Drew status here I come.  I thought of my two girls- 20 months apart, spiritually twins. My girls are yin and yang. I can't imagine breaking up my daughters. They are closer through their common experiences of their brother's illnesses- so I thought of what this sibling must feel. So do it for the region and do it for my girls!- was my battle cry - giving me strength to get over my awkwardness of randomly reaching out to this stranger.

Not thinking of the specific podcast that put me on this path, I reached out. I had several conversations via email and even "facebooked" her. Nope, we don't have dial-up anymore.  Yeah, it got serious. We made plans to meet. We exchanged information and "spoke" almost daily. About a week and half in, she sent me pictures of her sister and the car that was involved. I almost dropped the phone. Jody, it was the sister. It was you. I don't know how we found each other- but we did. I am not sure where this journey will take us. Will justice be in the form of finding your killer? Will it be making sure your spirit lives on? I am not sure what justice is. I think we will learn what it will be when we find it.

So Jody, nice to meet you. My name is Carrie. 

And now I am on the path too- to finding justice for you. I hope I can honor you and fulfill the part I am meant to play in your sister's mission.


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