The Foxcatcher Murder


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This is the story of John Du Pont, heir to a prominent Delaware family, and how he created a fantasy of being a successful coach on his compound to only end in tragedy.

John DuPont became well known in his own right, not only for his family name, but his responsibility for David Schultz's death- a champion wrestler. After the death of his mother, John established a wrestling training facility on his sprawling estate with the dreams to provide an opportunity for athletes to compete on the world stage, specifically against the superior Russians. 

It was an opportunity many athletes couldn't refuse- and the early time at the farm was idyllicas many of the families also located to the property. However, as time passed, John DuPont's mental health deteriorated. The athletes that surrounded him protected him as best they could- from a combination of loyalty and concern for their livelihood. 

John DuPont had hired Dave Schultz, known for his freestyle wrestling ability- later this close friendship would end in murder. Driving up to the house one day- he stuck a gun out of the car while Schultz was outside and killed him. In this story- there is murder, money and the mystique of an American Power Family.

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