The Dark History of Measles

On Sip & Shine Podcast: life is short. Buy the good wine.

"Count your children after the measles has passed," an old Arabic proverb stated. Despite vaccinations and the perception of being benign, measles still cause deaths in parts of the world.

Why cover this disease- not as scary as smallpox right? At one point, disease was confused with smallpox, until a Persian philosopher made the distinction between the two- and found measles to actually be the more intimidating of the two. Responsible for practically wiping out a race of people in the New World and impacting armies during the Civil War- germs, not only guns are very powerful in history.

Wine & Shot-outs

On this episode of Sip & Shine Podcast, we say goodbye to our old equipment. We chat about back to school night, the case of a missing woman from Hurricane Harvey and the concept of the new TLC show Before the 90 Days (a spin-off of 90 Day Fiancé). Carrie talks about her new favorite podcast- Welcome to RealiTV.

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