Thomas Day's Wifey Project

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Thomas Day was a man of many words. He was in fact an author and wrote several books that went on to be relatively well known. Born in June 1748 to a wealthy father, he went on to complete his studies at Corpus Christi College, Oxford and became a master debater. He felt strongly about being an abolitionist. However, he created a Perfect Wife experiment. Not exactly popular with the ladies, based on some of his personality traits, he did desire to get married. Rather than look at himself, he felt that the modern world corrupted women to be wife candidates. 

His ideas originated from Emile (On Education) by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The book was a guideline for education but Day thought this may be extended to actually training a wife. Day took advantage of the current society he lived in, and went as wealthy man to an orphanage to adopt two girls to practice his theories on. Listen in to this episode and see if Day's experiment worked.


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