Summer House from Bravo TV is described as:

"Affluent New Yorkers have been fleeing to the Hamptons for generations to get the ultimate luxurious experience, but Montauk, a breezy beach town on the easternmost point of Long Island, has become the summer playgroup for young professionals who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. 'Summer House' brings together a group of nine friends who work hard making their money and building their resumes during the week but on the weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day, they share a summer house to let loose in a big way that speaks to their exclusive, high-end lifestyle. For years, this group of friends have summered in Montauk with a variety of people, but this year they've put together the perfect group to share a rental for an epic summer filled with drama, boozy bunches, beachfront thrills, rose parties, charity galas, bonfires, and jaw-dropping hookups."

Sip & Shine Podcast brings to you BravoTV Summer House recaps with a history & scandal flair. Each episode, we give you a summary of the episode along with how the rich people did up summer. These New Yorkers weren't the first to rent a house, bring the fun or live as few have an opportunity to do. 



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